Monday , November 20 2017

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Roy Moore’s Children’s Crusade?

  Roy Moore besmirches the Republican name and that is the reason his support outside his Alabama base (and Bannonites generally) is so thin. Sexual misconduct allegations are flying around all over the place these days as former mores for behavior between the sexes find no purchase in our modern …

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What’s Wrong with the New York GOP?

Despite the unpopularity of the current New York City Mayor, Democrat Bill DeBlasio, in key precincts around his town, the Republican nominee, neophyte Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, seems to have almost no chance of unseating the incumbent. She started late with little name recognition and doesn’t enter the race with substantial …

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The Fusion Delusion

Anthony Como, once part of the discredited old guard that ruled the Queens GOP for years under the late State Senator Serphin Maltese, is quoted in this week’s Queens Chronicle attacking the decision of the Queens County GOP to endorse a Democrat for the 30th Councilmanic District seat in Queens. …

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The End of Something?

Is this the Republican Party I signed on for when I quit the Democrats some twenty-five years ago? Last night’s primary win by former Alabama Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore suggests otherwise. The man reminds me of the bigoted Dixiecrats of old who once held the Democratic Party in thrall. According …

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What Now?

In the wake of the collapse in the Senate of the Republican led fight to repeal and replace Obamacare, after years of calling for precisely that, Republicans must now face up to an unpleasant reality. In fact several realities: First, they are not a unified party with common beliefs and …

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