Tuesday , May 23 2017

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Staring into the Electoral Abyss

The allegation of obstruction of justice which has now surfaced against President Trump is the first real charge against him, since he was sworn in, that appears to have legal legs under the terms spelled out for impeachment in the Constitution. This one could conceivably qualify as a “high crime” …

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The End of Trumpismo?

What happens if Trump’s presidency goes into meltdown mode in the wake of the Comey firing and Trump’s crazed twitter threats to end White House press briefings? What’s left if and when the smoke clears? Are conservatives and Republicans permanently tarnished by a collapse of Trump and Trumpismo? Can they …

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A Man Who Would be King?

Here’s what I don’t get about Trump and his supporters. Despite some obvious fumbles in his first hundred days in office, he can point to some real successes and yet he continues to play the aggrieved victim. Sure most of the media play his successes down while amplifying his errors …

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Looking Ahead

Diehard fans of President Donald J. Trump have been patting themselves on the back ever since the president’s “big” win in the presidential sweepstakes of 2016. “Elections have consequences, I won, you lost, get over it,” former president Barack Obama once told his Republican congressional adversaries — and, indeed, they …

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Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Conservatives and Republicans (not necessarily the same thing) lambasted former President Obama for drawing a red line in the sand over Syrian use of chemical weapons and then declining to back it up. We called Obama feckless and insincere. Some went further, arguing that he was fundamentally timid, even cowardly. …

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