Wednesday , March 29 2017

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What Trump’s Taught Us

What has amazed so many of us in this last most amazing of American elections was how rapidly and effectively Donald Trump, billionaire businessman and reality tv star, managed to elbow his way into the Republican primaries and seize the party’s nomination from a line-up of more experienced and, at …

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Of Presidents and Caudillos

I once worried, with many Democrats I’m afraid, but not only with them for many Republicans shared my view as well, that Donald Trump’s candidacy, his behavior and rhetoric on the campaign trail, and his ultimate presidential victory presaged something very dangerous for this country. The man was and is …

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Fixing “Ryancare”

The recent Congressional Budget Office report on the Obamacrare revamp crafted by Congress under Paul Ryan’s leadership puts a heavy kibosh on the chances that bill has of becoming law. Whether right or wrong in its projections of 24 million Americans ending up¬†uncovered a few years out should the law …

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The Gerrymander Connection

Writing in this morning’s Wall Street Journal, Democrat Robert C. Altman argues that Democrats need more than improved messaging. They need, he says, an improved message, as well as younger blood and to learn how to combat Republican gerrymandering of congressional districts. This last struck me as disingenuous because it’s …

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Politics, Governance and the Good Fight

We’re about to find out if democracy in America has a future. Republicans won in a broad national sweep at all levels of government in 2016 at least partly (in significant part!) because of the public’s disaffection with the way Democrats had been running things for eight years. A big …

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