Saturday , January 20 2018

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Trump and the Emoluments Clause

  In another blow to those seeking to reverse the results of the 2016 election by lawsuit and investigation, the challenge to Trump’s right to maintain businesses as president which produce earnings from foreign sources as a violation of the Constitution’s emoluments clause has been tossed out of court by …

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Shaping the Narrative

An Associated Press report this afternoon,* on the House of Representatives’ successful passage of the tax reform legislation reflecting the House-Senate conference, offers a stellar example of how and why conservatives and Republicans generally have been so irritated over the years by the news media and how and why that …

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An Untold Story

  One aspect of the Trump administration’s agenda that doesn’t get much recognition, because it seems kind of esoteric, is its policies on regulatory reform. While everyone is focused on the tax reform initiative (the left fighting it, the right supporting it albeit with a certain half-heartedness) and its implications …

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Trump’s FBI, Congress and the Constitution

  This morning’s Wall Street Journal editorial page carries a cautionary tale concerning the recently appointed FBI Director, Christopher Wray’s refusal to answer congressional questions during five hours of grilling before a congressional committee. Mr. Wray, a Trump appointee selected to replace the fired Director James Comey, spent his time …

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Roy Moore’s Children’s Crusade?

  Roy Moore besmirches the Republican name and that is the reason his support outside his Alabama base (and Bannonites generally) is so thin. Sexual misconduct allegations are flying around all over the place these days as former mores for behavior between the sexes find no purchase in our modern …

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