Wednesday , April 26 2017

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Looking Ahead

Diehard fans of President Donald J. Trump have been patting themselves on the back ever since the president’s “big” win in the presidential sweepstakes of 2016. “Elections have consequences, I won, you lost, get over it,” former president Barack Obama once told his Republican congressional adversaries — and, indeed, they …

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Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Conservatives and Republicans (not necessarily the same thing) lambasted former President Obama for drawing a red line in the sand over Syrian use of chemical weapons and then declining to back it up. We called Obama feckless and insincere. Some went further, arguing that he was fundamentally timid, even cowardly. …

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The Gorsuch Weathervane

On the Facebook “wall” of a liberal online acquaintance of mine, I came upon a discussion this morning over whether or not Democrats should filibuster President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch. The prevailing opinion among the partisans on that thread was that they should go for it and …

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What Trump’s Taught Us

What has amazed so many of us in this last most amazing of American elections was how rapidly and effectively Donald Trump, billionaire businessman and reality tv star, managed to elbow his way into the Republican primaries and seize the party’s nomination from a line-up of more experienced and, at …

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Of Presidents and Caudillos

I once worried, with many Democrats I’m afraid, but not only with them for many Republicans shared my view as well, that Donald Trump’s candidacy, his behavior and rhetoric on the campaign trail, and his ultimate presidential victory presaged something very dangerous for this country. The man was and is …

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