Tuesday , October 17 2017

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The End of Something?

Is this the Republican Party I signed on for when I quit the Democrats some twenty-five years ago? Last night’s primary win by former Alabama Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore suggests otherwise. The man reminds me of the bigoted Dixiecrats of old who once held the Democratic Party in thrall. According …

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What Now?

  In the wake of the collapse in the Senate of the Republican led fight to repeal and replace Obamacare, after years of calling for precisely that, Republicans must now face up to an unpleasant reality. In fact several realities: First, they are not a unified party with common beliefs …

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The Trumpian Game is On . . . Again

We are now witnessing another Trumpian inversion, a pre-emptive assault on the new Special Counsel for the Russian investigation Robert Mueller aimed at undercutting any findings he ultimately comes out with which might, in the end, be deemed deleterious to President Donald J. Trump. Trump’s own Deputy AG at the …

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Of Worms and Traditions

Much as I believe in sticking with tradition because it usually reflects what works (or has worked historically) and think the Republicans will regret eliminating the filibuster if they do it, I find myself in agreement with Peter J. Wallison writing in this morning’s Wall Street Journal when he asks …

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Staring into the Electoral Abyss

The allegation of obstruction of justice which has now surfaced against President Trump is the first real charge against him, since he was sworn in, that appears to have legal legs under the terms spelled out for impeachment in the Constitution. This one could conceivably qualify as a “high crime” …

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