Monday , January 16 2017

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A Trumpian Flu

Writing for the Wall Street Journal, reporter Janet Hook describes the growing resistance to the legitimacy of a Trump presidency, most recently challenged by Democratic Congressman from Georgia John Lewis in a television interview and further called into question by Democrats across the spectrum, including many within the Clinton camp. …

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Presidents and Transitions

Why do I call myself a conservative rather than a liberal, even while sharing certain culturally liberal values with many of  my liberal/progressive friends? President Obama’s approach to the presidency explains it best, I think. Since attaining the presidency, he has been unilateral and overreaching in his use of executive …

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The Path to Ruin

It’s clear enough why so many voters are dismayed over the results of the recent presidential election. Trump was divisive and ill-mannered and the other major candidate, Hillary Clinton, seemed assured of the presidency. Her supporters figured they had it in the bag. No way Trump could win this. Only …

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