Friday , September 30 2016
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  • We learned yesterday that Brian Pagliano, Hillary Clinton’s IT staffer who worked for her during her stint as Secretary of State and set up and maintained her private email server, has refused to honor a […]

  • Frustrated and bitter over President Obama’s riding roughshod over the Constitution with his rampant use of executive power to override or go around Congress in areas designated by the Constitution as […]

  • “I use BleachBit for all my personal servers and swear by the results! Not even the FBI can find emails I’ve wiped clean with BleachBit. And it’s so easy to use. No fuss, no muss, and no messy consultations or […]

  • According to an August 5th Wall Street Journal editorial, “”. . . the President has . . . decided to seek a United Nations Security Council resolution banning the testing of nuclear weapons. This means that […]

  • I recently had occasion to “eavesdrop” on an exchange between Trump supporters on, a “news” site that has slid further and further in my estimation of its credibility. In this case I was looking […]

  • The Wall Street Journal editorial board recently wrote that “[Donald Trump] and his allies mean to purge the Ryan wing of the GOP from the new Trump Party.” I suppose this is a natural outgrowth of the anger […]

  • A couple of weeks ago two jihadist terrorists entered a small church in a French village, took hostages and slit the throat of the 85 year old priest performing mass there. Business as usual here in the West, it […]

  • I listened to Tim Kaine speak last night and he’s surprisingly good. I think the critics who say he’s too middle of the road, to ordinary, too plain vanilla, and will bring little or nothing to Hillary’s […]

  • Allan Chernoff of Chenoff Communications wrote an interesting article in Fortune Magazine to explain the rise of Donald Trump. The part that intrigued me the most was this paragraph:
    Trump’s presentation style i […]

  • Trumpanzees are swinging off the branches in Cleveland today. Instead of focusing on the great speech Mike Pence made yesterday and concentrating on the positives, they are positively apoplectic today discussing […]

  • On Friday, July 15th I watched with fascination as a “coup” unfolded in Turkey. As is always the case due to the “fog of war”, there were different reports over the hours this event unfolded during the late hours […]

  • Everyone who knows me also knows I am, and have been for quite some time, a “NeverTrump” guy. No two ways about it. The man turns my stomach because of his coarseness, his crudity, his shallowness (to quote […]

  • The real ideological divide today between left and right comes down to this: There are those of us who want to keep government at arms length (as much as possible in this modern information, terrorism prone […]

  • In the wake of Bill Clinton’s incredibly sloppy secret meeting (but since made very public) with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the eve of the Justice Department’s decision concerning his wife’s future vis […]

    • Oh my, this one’s already out of date and I only wrote it this morning!

      • And by Wednesday the entire episode is over and whitewashed.

        • Makes it very hard to write relevantly, eh? Got to keep up with the news cycle. But I don’t think it’s over by a long shot. Comey’s statement was very damaging to her despite declining to prosecute. Her strongest card at this point is that she is up against possibly the worst candidate in Republican history (barring consideration of those who were merely poor campaigners: Romney, McCain, Dole). Trump, of course, is a superb campaigner (though much of his success, I think, stems from the timeliness of his effort, the moment being right for a big mouthed angry populist). His problem is, rather, that he is an awful alternative to Hillary. What an election year. The most disturbing in my lifetime!

  • Listening to the president’s remarks the other day, after meeting with his national security advisors in the wake of the Orlando attack, I was struck by the scolding tone he adopted at the end, seemingly […]

  • It’s fairly obvious that in today’s culture there is tremendous pressure to give Muslims suspected of terrorist inclination or connections the benefit of the doubt if there is not ironclad evidence linking them to […]

  • Let’s agree that “racism” refers to the belief that one individual is better than another because of his or her racial characteristics where “race” is defined as human types categorized by the possessio […]

  • Maybe the answer to the impending election year train wreck in 2016 is not just to find and run a third party alternative to the atrocious Mr. Trump or the sleazy self-dealing Mrs. Clinton but to make that a […]

  • Cornelis Tromp was a Dutch admiral in the early years of Holland’s independence from Spain. The son of a wealthy noble and war hero, Tromp was blamed by his superior officer, Michiel de Ruyter, for a failure […]

  • The more I think about this Trump thing, the more troubled and unsure how I’ll vote in November I become. As at least one friend and early Trump supporter I know has noted, I really, really, really don’t like […]

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