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  • Writing for the Wall Street Journal, reporter Janet Hook describes the growing resistance to the legitimacy of a Trump presidency, most recently challenged by Democratic Congressman from Georgia John Lewis in […]

  • Writing for the Wall Street Journal, reporter Janet Hook describes the growing resistance to the legitimacy of a Trump presidency, most recently challenged by Democratic Congressman from Georgia John Lewis in […]

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  • Reading this morning’s New York Times, I’m struck by their take on what Obama’s been doing in the waning days of  the transition of the presidency to his successor. As is to be expected, they apparently t […]

  • Why do I call myself a conservative rather than a liberal, even while sharing certain culturally liberal values with many of  my liberal/progressive friends? President Obama’s approach to the presidency […]

    • Reading this morning’s New York Times, I’m struck by their very different take on what Obama is doing. As is to be expected, they think it’s just find for the current president to do everything he can to hem in his successor and make it as difficult as possible for him to alter Obama administration actions. They even argue that George W. Bush did that when he negotiated a status of forces agreement with then Iraqi PM Nouri al Maliki, thereby forcing the incoming president to remove American troops by 2011! Completely disregarded is the obvious fact that the Obama administration simply took the tough negotiating position of the Iraqi government as an opportunity to walk away and did — or that President Bush was under great pressure at home to demonstrate that our Iraqi presence was not an indefinite one. Looking for something to justify President Obama’s unprecedented series of executive actions to lock into place his own policy agenda, even in the face of its rejection by the voters (Trump won the electoral college after all!), they latch onto the most feeble analogy imaginable. But then, what else is new in the progressives’ efforts to always justify anything their champions do in the furtherance of the progressive cause? Since they simply have no respect for the other side of the argument, since conservatism to them is tantamount to a kind of heathenism in the church of the nation’s political life, anything done to block or undermine it is justifiable to them.

      Yet it is simply inarguable that no president in modern times has ever been so willful about his agenda or so willing to tie the hands, or try to, of the person the voters have chosen to succeed him. If the country as a whole had wanted Obama 2.0 it had every opportunity, by electing Hillary Clinton, to achieve that. It didn’t and that despite the historically high negatives Donald Trump’s poll numbers revealed for him. Yet the political left remains convinced that Obama is on solid ground in doing whatever he can to balk the incoming president. He makes the staffers in the White House of Bill Clinton, who famously pulled “w” of White House keyboards and grabbed stuff on the way out the door look like pikers. President Obama is doing something much more worse if not quite as tacky. Through all the last minute policy decisions via executive actions, when outgoing presidents usually affect a modest quietude and work to ease the transition in the face of coming change, Obama has gone the old Clinton staffers one better. He is trying to permanently fix the government landscape to make the Trump administration’s job harder in doing what it was elected to do.

      As the incoming president would say (or rather tweet), “so sad.”

  • It’s clear enough why so many voters are dismayed over the results of the recent presidential election. Trump was divisive and ill-mannered and the other major candidate, Hillary Clinton, seemed assured of the […]

  • The mistake Democrats and folks on the left are generally making, in their angry reaction to the recent Republican sweep, lies, at least in part, in their supposition that Obama was the object of unique […]

  • Once again Democrats are disappointed with an election and, just as in 2000, when the popular vote count gave them hope of reversing an electoral vote outcome they found distressing, many partisans on the left […]

  • A major problem with the Obama presidency has been the president’s notion that if he doesn’t get what he wants one way (a legislative change or an appointee, say) he is free, as the president, to simply do […]

  • Given what we know of Donald Trump, it’s more believable that he’s currently flirting with the idea of choosing Mitt Romney for Secretary of State because he relishes making his fellow tycoon, and former […]

  • An article in this morning’s New York Times argues that Democrats lost the 2016 presidential election because of turnout — theirs, not the Republicans’. In fact, they acknowledge that Trump and Republicans […]

  • This election was, if nothing else, a resounding rejection of the Obama legacy, just as it definitively rejected the kind of platform Hillary Clinton’s candidacy promised: more spending, more taxes, more […]

  • I gave up reading the New York Times after getting fed up with its biased reporting and the blatant editorializing in its news pages as seen in the late eighties and early nineties when the Times did […]

  • The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that Paul Ryan, Republican Congressman from Wisconsin and Speaker of the House (currently under Republican control) faces a tough climb if he means to hang onto his […]

  • One of the reasons a character like Donald Trump still has traction in this election (is still apparently in the running which demands more than his core constituency of angry right leaning populists) is that […]

  • I put in some time this afternoon, over lunch, watching Trump’s speech to supporters televised nationally (what else is new?), from West Palm Beach in Florida, addressing recent articles about his […]

  • Of all the things Trump said in that conversation whose tape was released last Friday re: how he approaches women as a famous and wealthy tv personality, this to my mind is the most offensive. Speaking of […]

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