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  • Is this the Republican Party I signed on for when I quit the Democrats some twenty-five years ago? Last night’s primary win by former Alabama Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore suggests otherwise. The man reminds […]

    • Thanks Dennis. Didn’t read that article but, based on what you write above, I would agree. Of course an executive order can be overturned, either because it may violate law (even being unconstitutional) or because a new president rescinds or overrules it. There’s no question that people on both the left and the right these days seem to imagine that laws are only to be abided by when they fit their own ideas of what’s just, moral and so forth. Great disrespect for the very idea of the law has overtaken our increasingly self-absorbed society!

      As to my alleged “cultural disdain” for many conservative Republicans that isn’t fair, Dennis. I have made common cause with religious and social conservatives for years though I am more libertarian myself. My view is that we can’t expect to agree on everything but that if we respect one another’s viewpoints and can agree on enough things, we can be successful in politics and in governing. But the Trump phenomenon (which is actually less about Trump than about a bunch of hard right Republicans who want to take over the GOP or destroy those elements within it that don’t agree with them 100%) has given me great pause.

      As to Moore, what worries me is not so much what he is but THAT he was able to secure enough Republican votes in a primary to get his party’s (our party’s) nomination. What are the majority of Republicans thinking to support such a clown as this? It’s like them turning to Trump back in the primaries! I cannot justify supporting Roy Moore just because there are equally “lawless” idiots on the left! To the extent that Moore and Trump are the face of today’s GOP they are a face I am becoming increasingly unable to look at.

    • Maybe, Dennis. But Trump is like a suicide pact within the Republican Party. His fans may thrill to his Don Rickles style of governing but most of the rest of the country is acutely embarrassed or otherwise deeply offended by it. Dividing one’s own country is hardly a prescription for effective leadership! Nor does it help in party building. But then, as I recall diehard Trump fans telling me during the primaries, they don’t really care about the Republican Party. They hated Democrats and Republicans equally. Made me wonder what they were doing voting in Republican primaries. Just sayin’.

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    In the wake of the collapse in the Senate of the Republican led fight to repeal and replace Obamacare, after years of calling for precisely that, Republicans must now face up to an unpleasant reality. In […]

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  • We are now witnessing another Trumpian inversion, a pre-emptive assault on the new Special Counsel for the Russian investigation Robert Mueller aimed at undercutting any findings he ultimately comes out with […]

  • Much as I believe in sticking with tradition because it usually reflects what works (or has worked historically) and think the Republicans will regret eliminating the filibuster if they do it, I find myself […]

  • The allegation of obstruction of justice which has now surfaced against President Trump is the first real charge against him, since he was sworn in, that appears to have legal legs under the terms spelled out […]

  • What happens if Trump’s presidency goes into meltdown mode in the wake of the Comey firing and Trump’s crazed twitter threats to end White House press briefings? What’s left if and when the smoke clears? Are […]

  • Here’s what I don’t get about Trump and his supporters. Despite some obvious fumbles in his first hundred days in office, he can point to some real successes and yet he continues to play the aggrieved victim. […]

  • Diehard fans of President Donald J. Trump have been patting themselves on the back ever since the president’s “big” win in the presidential sweepstakes of 2016. “Elections have consequences, I won, you lost, […]

  • Conservatives and Republicans (not necessarily the same thing) lambasted former President Obama for drawing a red line in the sand over Syrian use of chemical weapons and then declining to back it up. We […]

  • On the Facebook “wall” of a liberal online acquaintance of mine, I came upon a discussion this morning over whether or not Democrats should filibuster President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil […]

  • What has amazed so many of us in this last most amazing of American elections was how rapidly and effectively Donald Trump, billionaire businessman and reality tv star, managed to elbow his way into the […]

  • I once worried, with many Democrats I’m afraid, but not only with them for many Republicans shared my view as well, that Donald Trump’s candidacy, his behavior and rhetoric on the campaign trail, and his […]

  • The recent Congressional Budget Office report on the Obamacrare revamp crafted by Congress under Paul Ryan’s leadership puts a heavy kibosh on the chances that bill has of becoming law. Whether right or wrong […]

  • Writing in this morning’s Wall Street Journal, Democrat Robert C. Altman argues that Democrats need more than improved messaging. They need, he says, an improved message, as well as younger blood and to learn […]

  • We’re about to find out if democracy in America has a future. Republicans won in a broad national sweep at all levels of government in 2016 at least partly (in significant part!) because of the public’s […]

  • Across the western world, a liberal belief in the importance of caring about our fellows has taken hold — empathy is its core motivation, a desire to avoid giving offense in any way, its outcome. Yet, even […]

  • In the 1850’s, disaffected Democrats and Whigs, members of the two major political parties then dominating national elections, coalesced to form a new national party, the Republicans, in order to halt the […]

  • Many Republicans I know who signed on for Trump in the primaries, or by the time of the general election, seem to have concluded that Trump’s appeal was so powerful that, post the election, he was in position […]

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