Wednesday , March 1 2017

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Our Values and Why They Matter

  Across the western world, a liberal belief in the importance of caring about our fellows has taken hold — empathy is its core motivation, a desire to avoid giving offense in any way, its outcome. Yet, even acknowledging the power and importance of this perspective (compassion and caring are …

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Changing Times?

In the 1850’s, disaffected Democrats and Whigs, members of the two major political parties then dominating national elections, coalesced to form a new national party, the Republicans, in order to halt the spread of slavery and end that archaic and morally bankrupt institution once and for all in the country. …

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Memo to Team Trump

Many Republicans I know who signed on for Trump in the primaries, or by the time of the general election, seem to have concluded that Trump’s appeal was so powerful that, post the election, he was in position to simply roll over not merely Democrats but those Republicans who didn’t …

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