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Of all the things Trump said in that conversation whose tape was released last Friday re: how he approaches women as a famous and wealthy tv personality, this to my mind is the most offensive. Speaking of attractive women, married or single, he says of them:

“You can do anything.”

It’s not the off color words he used in that conversation, nor is it the description of the physical acts he alluded to performing on women without their consent but THIS claim: That, being who he is, he “can do anything” he wants to them. Nothing could be more troubling or offensive than THIS sentiment because of what it says about his approach to other human beings.

Now Trump has decided to go to war with those in his own party who find his sentiments deeply troubling, attacking his GOP critics like Paul Ryan, John McCain and many, many others. Typical of this man, Donald Trump blames others for his own failings and takes the “war” to them as a way of redirecting it from himself. He will lash out in a way calculated to do the most damage to all around him and particularly to those who have had the temerity to disagree with or criticize him.

With his poll numbers plunging precipitously, we may well thank our luck stars that this side of the man has finally been revealed to enough voters in this country to hopefully spare us the agony of Trump in the White House. Yet he will not go quietly or with class. That isn’t his way. He means to take the whole Republican Party down along with him in a crashing spiral of bitter flames. And he’ll do it, too —  as long as his adoring fan base in the GOP sticks with him, as they are likely to, given their anger and obstinacy during the primary season.

The end of the Republican Party as we knew it is surely in sight. It only awaits those who will hopefully try to pick up the pieces when the Trumpian trainwreck has finally run its course and the smoke has been blown from the rubble strewn field. We will likely be stuck with a President Hillary Cinton now, of course, and all the angry Hillary haters in the GOP base who clung to Trump as their anti-Clinton messiah will be casting about for someone to blame for the fiasco that will now finally descend on us, altering the Supreme Court for a generation, locking in a left leaning judiciary down the line, cementing Obamacare in place, passing the kind of immigration reform the xenophobes among us most despise and leaving us militarily underfunded and adrift on the path Obama has set us on. And forget about getting our national fiscal house in order. No chance of that with the Democrats firmly in command for the long term. No averting the debt collapse that endless deficit spending will inevitably deliver.

I suggest the GOP base, in searching for the source of their pain that will soon come with this utter and complete route of conservative principles, just go on home and find the nearest mirror and stand in front of it for an hour or so.

Take a good long look at yourselves.

About Stuart W. Mirsky

Stuart W. Mirsky, a former New York City official who last served as Assistant Commissioner for Operations in the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene before retiring in 2002, wrote a column, "The Rockaway Irregular," for The Wave, a south Queens based weekly, for more than a decade (until Hurricane Sandy changed the equation). He is an original founder of the Rockaway Republicans, one of the most active Republican groups in southern Queens, and author of a number of books, including The King of Vinland's Saga, an historical novel of the Norse in 11th century North America, A Raft on the River, a memoir of Holocaust survival, and Choice and Action, a work of contemporary philosophy addressing the implications of relativism and nihilism for our moral beliefs.

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