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Of Fake Coups and NATO Allies

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erdogan1On Friday, July 15th I watched with fascination as a “coup” unfolded in Turkey. As is always the case due to the “fog of war”, there were different reports over the hours this event unfolded during the late hours of Friday into the early morning house on Saturday.

My initial reaction was this was not a surprising move because traditionally has been the guardian of Turkish Democracy since the establishment of the Republic of Turkey by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in 1923. Indeed there have been 3 coups since 1923, invariably to pull back the government from becoming more islamist, or rather, less secular.

That Erdogan has been moving away from Ataturk’s vision for Turkey is not of any doubt to those who have watched his repeated power grabs and military purges in the last 10 years. So a coup would make sense, turkey-couphowever either the plotters of the “coup” were incompetent boobs (or maybe have never seen Valkyrie) or that the “coup” was a full false-flag attack that has allowed Erdogan to complete his purge of the judiciary and military who would be the only ones to oppose his desire to turn Turkey to an Islamist Republic. One that is part of NATO and potentially a member of the EU.

As in Valkyrie, in order to have a successful coup you need to eradicate the person in charge (in order to become the king, you need to kill the king). Clearly the plotters did not have the intention of doing this as evidenced by the fact that an F-16 shadowed and harassed Erdogan’s plane in it’s flight to Istanbul from his vacation in seaside town of Marmaris.

“However, the Turkish president’s plane reached its destination undamaged before dawn on Saturday. “Why they didn’t fire is a mystery,” the former official added.”

In addition according to Erdogan the plotters bombed his hotel about a 1/2 hour after he had left the hotel. However there is no evidence whatsoever of any bombing. In fact The hotel staff started saying nothing serious had taken place and no one was hurt.  In fact news about the plot had been leaked to Erdogan about an hour before the coup began.

“Hurriyet reported that First Army Commander Umit Dundar contacted Erdogan on Friday night, about an hour before the coup began, to inform him that putschists had started to move on his position, allowing time for the president to escape before soldiers stormed his place of residence.”

After the coup failed, Erdogan immediately began purging the military and judiciary working off of previously created purge lists that have reached over 18,000 people, including those in the bureaucracy. All this within 72 hours of the coup failing. This again serves as a red-flag that this coup was expected with the results all too know ahead of time.

Finally Erdogan blamed followers of Fethullah Gulen, an Islamic leader based in the U.S. and belligerently demanding the United States extradite him for punishment. This falls in line with his desire to deal with all his enemies with this fortuitous “blessing from Allah”

You can almost see the 5 minutes from the Godfather when Michael settled all Family Business.

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