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Trump Derangement Syndrome

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I will begin by saying I don’t personally support Trump and I hope that he loses in a contested convention. However the insanity that is coming from the left (and some on the right) related to Donald Trump is, just that, insanity.

Back in the early to mid-80s some political watchers coined the term “BDS” or “Bush Derangement Syndrome” where every move by President George Bush was attacked and an attempt was made to make his administration illegitimate (all stemming from Bush v Gore).

Well today’s Boston Globe Editorial has put the cherry on top of two weeks of constant drumming against Trump. In a bid to be relevant, the Globe goes for the shock value with a mock front page of American under a Trump administration. The first article that actually caught my eye was in the lower left corner, wherein Donald Trump was to win the Nobel Peace Prize (ostensibly because his actions and rhetoric would align Sunni and Shiite Muslims). Considering President Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing but give speeches. Considering the bombing raids conducted by the Peace Prize Winner, the Prize itself was a joke.

I could sit here and pick apart every “fake” article published in this mock front page. In fact I just might do that, and perhaps make a mock Obama front page. However the point of the matter is that Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is not he way to defeat Donald Trump. Fight him in the battlefield of ideas, be introspective and find out how this man has gotten so far and has so many supporters. The kind of tactics such as this “front page” might actually serve to bring more supporters into the Trump camp.

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