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Board of Elections Strikes Again

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There’s a reason why the Board of Elections in the City of New York has earned the name “Board of Incompetence”.  This collection of political hacks, patronage boobs and incompetent workers has messed up again.

Some 60,000 newly registered voters in New York City recently received notices misleadingly stating that the primary election is in September. The mailers read:
You have recently received an Approval Notice. The date on the notice for the Primary Election was incorrect. The correct date is September 13, 2016. Polls will be open from 6 AM to 9PM. We apologize for any inconvenience.
There is a primary election on September 13th, but it is a state and local election, and the primary on everyone’s mind at the moment, the presidential one, is still on April 19th. The mailer makes no mention of which primary it is referring to.
Board of Elections executive director Michael Ryan confirmed that his agency sent out the postcards. He explained that the earlier notices recently registered voters had received listed a primary date of September 28th, which is incorrect. He was unapologetic about any confusion the mailers caused, saying that the BOE is required by law to inform new registrants of state and local primary dates, but because “there is no such requirement about the federal presidential primaries,” the agency typically doesn’t specify the nature of primaries in public notices.
So let’s see the problems here:
  1. Mailer for an election coming up in September sent out now (of course there are two more primaries before the September election)
  2. They send out a mailer with the wrong date: September 28 (obviously referencing the June 28 Election)
  3. They send out a replacement indicating the correct date (September 13)
  4. They say they will not send information notices for the April  and June primaries.

Clearly they need an editor and quality control. I am curious how much money these mailers cost the taxpayers? Let’s also not forget this is an unprecedented election where the GOP Candidate is a New Yorker and a lot of new people are registering for the GOP. It would be nice if the agency would get their crap together.

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