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Protests Against Trump Hurting Hillary

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So, it’s becoming clear: the more the radical Left attacks and protests Donald Trump, the more the average American moves to support him.trump2016new

I know that the “establishment” of the GOP and the “true” conservatives have been against him, but more and more independents and non-establishment Republicans are getting behind him, especially when Michael Moore, Bernie Sanders, Occupy Wall Street and Black lives matters supporters come to agitate against the Republican front runner every second of every day!

I know the topical punditry states that Trump is “bad” and the “protests” will “hurt” Trump, but i know that Bill and Hillary are sitting around, realizing, that the more they fight him, the more he picks off average, often non-affiliated voters.

people have handicapped this GOP primary race wrong from the beginning, including me. I see it clearly now. Trump, with all his warts, is in a great position to become President.

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