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the Cost of College is Fueled by the Same Source as the Housing Crisis

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student debtThis has been my take on the issue for years. of course, i’m met with attacks by so many of my liberal friends that want to defend the waste taking place at our colleges and universities today.

The main way to fix the wildly expanding cost of a college education is to turn off the money spigot by cutting pell grants, subsidized loans and funding at the state level. of course, Hillary and the rest of the liberal cabal supports the direct opposite. this is reminicent of what led to the housing crisis in 2008. the drive to get everyone into a home (no matter if they could afford it or not) created price increases that were unrealistic and debts that could never be repaid. the same is happening in the higher education world and the pain of this is falling on parents (especially middle-class parents who don’t get these price-increasing-causing subsidies) and will ultimately fall on the taxpayer as the loaning entities will have to eat trillions in unpaid student loans.

The other area that needs to be addressed is the administrative expense increases at colleges and universities. these entities have become bureacratically expensive and more money should be put into education, not into administration. of course, my liberal friends want to blame some financial bogey-man, but in reality, it’s typical liberal bureacracy that is to blame. one could understand the cost of college tuition going up so much if professors and educators were being hired more or paid more, but that’s not the case. Why doesn’t Hillary and Sanders talk about this part of the cost increases? Because it doesn’t fit the narrative they like to play into, which is to have rich people pay for everything. Healthcare reform has failed for the same reason – we are not addressing the costs, we are only creating transfer payments to deal with the excessive costs.

if our nation wants a better workforce, we need to honestly address this issue. let’s cut the subsidies and punish colleges and universities, especially the public ones, who bloat their payrolls with administrative, instead of educational, costs.

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