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Cruz “Lost” This Race

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UNITED STATES - UNITED STATES - September 9: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets fellow candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, at a rally organized by Tea Party Patriots on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015, to oppose the Iran nuclear agreement. (Photo By Al Drago/CQ Roll Call)

If Ted Cruz ultimately loses the GOP Primary, he will have truly “lost” this race.

For years, he was the favorite of the base of the GOP. Evangelical and “conservative” Republican voters had him for this run well before he did decided to go for it. The 2016 GOP Primary was his for the taking.
But because he sat around and watched as Trump smashed Bush and “the establishment” – singlehandedly and out-of-nowhere, Donald Trump gained some momentum. Cruz, for months, refused to attack Trump at all and allowed the neophyte’s momentum to grow. If Cruz had said about Trump, in the beginning of the process, what he is saying now, Trump’s candidacy may have been smashed. Instead, i’m sure through some strategic calculation by his team, Cruz chose to stay quiet – even showing up arm and arm with him for a rally in D.C.
Being “principled” isn’t enough if you gameplan is wrong. This loss is a strategic failure and a self-inflicted wound…

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  1. Actually I thought that was brilliant strategy. The attacks that Trump used against Cruz worked. If they had been done back in November or December while the 17 people were jockeying for position Cruz would not be one of two men standing (and let’s face it, there are only 2 men standing).

    The reality is by the middle of this month and for the next month after that it will be a two man race. Trump runs strong in some of the winner take all, but if it comes down to Trump v. Cruz my money is on Cruz.

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