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The “Pledge” is Being Broken

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ben sasse republican senator from nebraskaSo, the establishment in the GOP asked (demanded) that Trump sign a pledge to support “the Republican nominee” at the end of the process. Of course, this was at a time when it seemed quite unlikely that he’d be the nominee. Well, a few months later, he’s leading in the polls and winning all the Primary contests and now the establishment in the GOP is both working hard to keep him from being the nominee and many are coming forward stating that they’d vote for anyone but Trump – including having some state they’d vote for Hillary over him.

Rank-and-file Republican voters have been questioning the principles of the prominent members of the GOP in D.C. I think their actions today in response to a surging Donald Trump prove, without a doubt, why their displeasure with the “establishment” is warranted…

These 9 Republicans Say They Won’t Vote for Donald Trump, Even Against Clinton

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  1. Konstantine Kanaris

    I wouldn’t exactly call Ben Sasse part of the establishment. He has serious issues with Trump and cannot vote for him. You know what a lot of people stayed home in 2008 and 2012 and didn’t vote for McCain and Romney either. I think Trump is a vulgarian and holding his hands out and talking about the size of his micropenis is the most unpresidential thing I have ever seen.

  2. Of course they don’t want Donald Trump as their candidate, they want Marco Rubio (before that it was Jeb, before that it was Romney in 2012). I think if they really wanted to defeat Trump all they would have to do is tell Rubio and Kasich to step aside and leave it as a 1-1 battle between Cruz and Trump but they don’t like either one.

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