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Mark-Viverito – Jails in Your Neighborhoods

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imprisonedWell it looks like the silly season for the 2017 election cycle has started and Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito came up with a doozie at a business leader’s breakfast this morning. Expanding on earlier comments about closing down Riker’s Island, Viverito indicated that Criminal Justice reform (otherwise known as decriminalizing crimes) would reduce the population to the point of allowing the City to close down Riker’s.

And where would the criminial class be housed while awaiting trial? Why in your neighborhood’s New Yorkers;

“When we look at ways that we’re going to downsize the population at Rikers, you know, we can get to a point where we can probably deal with it on a neighborhood level”

No, stop laughing. She’s serious. And if you don’t think she is or this is possible remember those “hotels” throughout the city that have become homeless shelters?

Start picking out spots in your neighborhoods where holding cells and small prisons can be housed because in Melissa Mark-Viverito’s New York that is where we are heading.

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  1. Konstantine Kanaris

    The middle-class who can afford to move out will move out. The working stiffs, blue-collar workers, Guiliani Democrats will be stuck and New York will become Thunderdome. It will be like the Purge. Or Escape from New York. Or Both.

  2. Konstantine, the working “stiff” middle-class family has already moved out. this is why the city has become the “two cities” deBlasio used in his campaign. things like this will just make that matter worse.

    • Konstantine Kanaris

      I think in neighborhood like Bayside, Middle Village and Bay Ridge there exists a strong middle class. That is why those neighborhoods will be targeted (maybe not so much Bay Ridge since there are still strong GOP representatives there, but Middle Village has nothing except the fear that Crowley has of being voted out of office. But just like the past City Council speaker smacked her down once, I don’t think Mark-Viverito would have an issue smacking Crowley down again.

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