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Trump Wins Again

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trump wins in nevadaI’m not sure what excuses the second and third placed candidates can make this morning.  Trump has won at every demographic and age group in these races to date and as Super Tuesday looms, I believe he’s becoming unstoppable.

Although this second place finish might be able to be spun by Rubio and his supporters as a good finish, but at some point, the Senator from Florida needs to actually win one to be taken as the top-of-the-ticket candidate.  Cruz’s problems are worse.  Now that he’s coming in behind Rubio, his ability to spin himself as the “only candidate who can beat Trump” is looking thin.

No one has been able handicap this election cycle well – maybe except for Trump and Sanders themselves.  The GOP Establishment is going to have to make a decision real soon on whether or not they embrace Trump.  In my view, Cruz can’t beat Hillary.  Rubio, unless he was truly able to mobilize the Hispanic vote, can’t beat Hillary.  Trump?  He may be just aggressive enough to be able to take her down – but it may  not be about choosing who can win against Hillary because, at this point, Donald seems on his way to an insurmountable lead in delegates to get the nomination anyway…

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