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“Change We Can Believe In?”

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obama change we can believe inAfter 8 years of Barack Obama,  one thing is very clear:  “Change we can believe in” never materialized.  The best demonstration of this is the status of the Presidential race.

Obama promised via his slogan to pull the nation together and help the Middle-Class, but almost at the end of his term in the White House, the Middle-Class has fallen further behind and the nation is more divided than ever before.  The fact that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are competing so well proves that the nation is looking for significant change – and “change” in it’s “radical” form on both sides of the political aisle.

Sanders, who was considered a joke of a candidate by most pundits when the process began, won New Hampshire and got, basically, 50% of the Democratic vote in Iowa and Nevada.   Trump, who’s never served a day in public life, has brashly pushed himself to the top of the GOP field making statements about “banning all Muslims” and building a wall between us and Mexico where Mexico would “pay for” it’s construction – along with a whole host of other outlandish statements never seen on the Presidential campaign trail in our nation’s history.

It seems to me that, politically, a quarter of the nation has moved to the radical Left and a quarter of the nation has moved to the radical Right and this was not the case back in 2008 or 2000.  Sure, there were grumblings from the fringe during those elections, but the widespread support seen for radical candidates has grown extensively during Obama’s term.

The Middle-Class has also never seen a time where it was so stagnated, while, at the same time, the people at the top have done so well.  In places like NYC, entire political campaigns  have been based on this concept.  DeBlasio’s “two cities” argument was based on addressing the divide between the “haves” and the “have nots.”  I realize that Obama’s supporters claim that he “saved the nation from the Great Recession,” but he surely has presided over a wildly increasing income “inequality” in the nation as well – and even the Democrats can’t deny t that because both Hillary and Bernie have made that issue central in their Presidential campaigns.

Lastly, Obama’s style in office, with his inability and unwillingness to compromise, his failure in leading through cooperation (something that was supposed to be a central part of “change we can believe in” as well) and his quickness to avoid being a chief executive in tough times and, instead, taking his ideas “to the people” rather than sitting down behind closed doors and solving problems or disagreements, has accentuated our nation’s divisions.  D.C. dysfunction has NEVER been this bad – and it’s clearly not all the fault of the so-called “obstructionist” GOP-led Congress.

In my view, Obama has been one of the most divisive Presidents in our nation’s history.  “Change we can believe in?”  Not…

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