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Gianaris – Criminals are Stupid

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United States Supreme Court
Decided: June 13, 1966

…In the absence of other effective measures the following procedures to safeguard the Fifth Amendment privilege must be observed: The person in custody must, prior to interrogation, be clearly informed that he has the right to remain silent, and that anything he says will be used against him in court; he must be clearly informed that he has the right to consult with a lawyer and to have the lawyer with him during interrogation, and that, if he is indigent, a lawyer will be appointed to represent him.

Anyone who has every seen a police procedural knows these words, and knows what Miranda warnings are. Yet somehow Senator Michael Gianaris (who is clearly thinking about running for higher office hence the reason why he has starting raising money despite having no competitive races, ever) thinks these words are too complicated for the criminal class.


ALBANY — A state lawmaker said too many juvenile defendants don’t understand the Miranda warning given by police officers when they are taken into custody.
Sen. Michael Gianaris said he recently introduced legislation that would require police to give the familiar list of rights to juveniles in “plain language.” The change would apply to any defendants under the age of 18.

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