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In South Carolina, Trump Wins, Rubio Ties Cruz for Second and Bush Exits

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Contrary to political pundit predictions, Donald Trump takes the SC GOP Primary is comfortable fashion, but that wasn’t the only surprise that came out last night.trump speaking

The fact that Rubio could come in tied for second with Ted Cruz showed some significant strength for the Florida Senator’s campaign – or growing weakness on the part of Cruz.  And with Rubio coming in so strong and Jeb Bush finishing far out of the top tier, he suspended his campaign last night.  Who would have thought that with 100 million dollars and the much of the establishment of the GOP behind him, Bush wouldn’t make it to super-Tuesday?

The question now is:  Where will Bush’s potential supporters go in the upcoming races?

Trump certainly thinks it will be he who garners a large number of those votes, but the conventional wisdom (which has been often wrong in this unpredictable cycle) would say that Rubio and Kasich would get a majority of Bush’s supporters.  If either one of those candidates could get the financial support Bush was getting, it would be a game-changer for either campaign.  My prediction is that Rubio will get most of the vote and dollars going forward and this will become a three-man race after Super-Tuesday.

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Bill Hudson
It has clearly been a 3 man race since Iowa. The establishment has no choice but to settle on Rubio and Cruz is the man for a hardcore percentage of anywhere between 10-20% of the GOP voters who lean libertarian/constitutionalist. Cruz also would have gotten the evangelicals, but his heavy-handed handling of the spat with Carson and Carson’s continued presence as a spoiler has relegated Cruz to 3rd Man in the room. So ultimately the question becomes where do Kasich voters go (likely Rubio) where do Carson voters go (likely Cruz) where do Jeb’s voters go (Rubio?). Regardless, this race… Read more »