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The “Establishment” Candidates Need the Field to Clear

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bush and rubioAs long as Bush, Christie and Kasich continue running for President, Marco Rubio can’t win with both Cruz and Trump in the race. The same can be said for Bush in relation to the rest of those contenders.

The battle for the “establishment” or “moderate” Republican primary voter is being fought between four candidates, while Trump and Cruz are capitalizing by capturing all the rest. The problem for Rubio and Bush (individually) is that their potential “establishment” section of the vote isn’t going beat either Cruz or Trump in a face to face race, but for him to have any chance in this race he needs to get all these other guys out and keep both Trump and Cruz in the race – and fast!

If the “establishment” is really bothered by one or both of these leading candidates in Cruz and Trump, then they need to find a way to convince all but one of these “establishment”-identified candidates to get out of the race.  The present race fits both Cruz and Trump…

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