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The City Being Led into Decline by Democrats Again

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mark viveritoThe City Council of NYC, which just gave itself a 30% raise, is in the process of reforming the rules around “quality of life” offienses. As someone who lived in NYC in the early 90’s as saw what a city without strong penalties for these offense looked like, it’s shocking to me that this debate is occurring.

Now I fully understand the big picture on this effort and agree that the system needs to come up with a way to reduce the number of contacts between the NYPD and minority communities who feel they are targeted by the system. But this move to decriminalize urinating in public, drinking in public and some park violations will not only make the job of police officers more difficult and lead to the same accusations of racism lodged against the NYPD the changes are intended to eliminate, but it will move the city another step closer to the lawless mess NYC was before Rudy Giuliani said “no more” to all our City’s “broken windows.”

The Council and the Mayor are playing politics with an issue, yet again. ignoring both the functional negative reality of allowing these things to be decriminalized as well as designing a plan that will only need to be revisited in the years to come because it’s completely poorly thought out.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by their stupidity, but this is what happens when a bunch of radical Lefties take over the greatest city in the world. and now that they are about to decriminalize it, i guess deBlasio and Speaker Mark-Viverito can’t even get arrested for doing it to the city of New York…

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