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Did Trump “implode” last night?

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trump debate on cbsDonald Trump ranted last night about George Bush using lies to get us into the Iraqi conflict and stated that Bush didn’t “keep us safe” because 9-11 happened under his watch.  Many pundits and supporters of other Republican candidates are chiming in that Trump made a fatal mistake.  I don’t see it that way.

Just think.  Trump ranted about that in what, basically, has been Bush family territory for two decades.  This on the eve of a big election there.  Forgetting the discussion about the factual-ness of Trump’s statements, one thing is clear:  this man will speak his mind, tell us what he thinks and he will do so without regard for the short-term political fallout.

To most of Trump’s supporters, this is just yet another demonstration of him “telling it like it is.”  To some in America, especially those who are NOT primary voting Republicans, this message is a breath of “fresh air” from the Republican side.  For the past few months, Trump’s obituary has been written every time he seemingly crosses the line.  But just like in all those occasions before, I think he continues to gain strength in the face of it all…

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Bill Hudson

I have to disagree. Trump, with his mugging and interrupting did not come off well last night. By all accounts also the “Bush lied about WMD” is kook conspiracy territory.