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Bernie Sanders hates America

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bernie sanders at debateListening to Bernie Sanders the other night was hysterical. He bashes American capitalism in a way that we’ve heard Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro do in the past.

Even when talking about universal healthcare, he uses the phrase “we are the only major nation in the world who doesn’t give healthcare to it’s citizens,” which ignores the reality that we are the only nation in the world that is the GREATEST nation in the world. we are the only nation who has SAVED the world from fascism and communism and World War. We are the only nation who has CREATED most of the greatest advances in healthcare, science, food production and human rights around the world.

I know in the Democratic Party it’s ideal to bash American values and traditions, but even for them, his rhetoric is ridiculous. He even bashes Obama and his record in a way that states he’s some form of Corporate puppet.

For all those who get sensitive to the socialist/communist claims that people on the Right make about Sanders, remember: the nation that we live freely under certainly isn’t and hasn’t been perfect, but America clearly has been the driver over the last hundred and fifty years of positive change for the world. Bernie Sanders’ hate for America is repulsive and Democrats should be decrying his nasty rhetoric…

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