Friday , September 30 2016
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Confronting a Difficult Choice


Frustrated and bitter over President Obama’s riding roughshod over the Constitution with his rampant use of executive power to override or go around Congress in areas designated by the Constitution as congressional prerogatives, many of us have wondered why he hasn’t been impeached for such breaches. Well, strictly speaking it’s …

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“Overheard” in Trumpland

I recently had occasion to “eavesdrop” on an exchange between Trump supporters on, a “news” site that has slid further and further in my estimation of its credibility. In this case I was looking at an article about a Trump rally in Florida stressing its substantial turnout and belittling …

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What If?


The Wall Street Journal editorial board recently wrote that “[Donald Trump] and his allies mean to purge the Ryan wing of the GOP from the new Trump Party.” I suppose this is a natural outgrowth of the anger and intemperateness that characterized the GOP base when it chose Trump as …

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