Tuesday , June 28 2016

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The ACA is Collapsing Further

obamacare this is gonna hurt

All of my liberal friends who called me a “racist” for criticizing the ACA as being nothing more than one big transfer payment and an expansion of Medicaid should apologize to me today (actually they never should have called me a “racist” in the first place for accurately being critical …

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Board of Elections Strikes Again


There’s a reason why the Board of Elections in the City of New York has earned the name “Board of Incompetence”.  This collection of political hacks, patronage boobs and incompetent workers has messed up again. Some 60,000 newly registered voters in New York City recently received notices misleadingly stating that …

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Cruz Visits New York


ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos Cruz made the comments following the terror attacks in Brussels on Tuesday. And Cruz on offered a locally-tailored indictment of political correctness, arguing to a women’s Republican club in midtown Manhattan that security concerns had to come before the wishes of liberal Democrats. …

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