Friday , August 26 2016
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“Overheard” in Trumpland

I recently had occasion to “eavesdrop” on an exchange between Trump supporters on, a “news” site that has slid further and further in my estimation of its credibility. In this case I was looking at an article about a Trump rally in Florida stressing its substantial turnout and belittling …

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What If?


The Wall Street Journal editorial board recently wrote that “[Donald Trump] and his allies mean to purge the Ryan wing of the GOP from the new Trump Party.” I suppose this is a natural outgrowth of the anger and intemperateness that characterized the GOP base when it chose Trump as …

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Preempting Jihad or Just Republicans?


Listening to the president’s remarks the other day, after meeting with his national security advisors in the wake of the Orlando attack, I was struck by the¬†scolding tone he adopted at the end, seemingly evincing more anger at Republicans and conservatives for their criticism of him than at the jhadists …

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